Welcome to the reservation website for assistive devices for the Floriade 2012

You have been redirected from the website of the Floriade 2012 to our reservation webpage for mobility-aid. We are pleased to offer people with a limited muscular strength the possibility as well to enjoy their visit on the Floriade. On this reservation page you can reserve a mobility-aid for free to use during your visit of the Floriade in Venlo. By filling in the fields below you can make a reservation for the mobility-aid you would like to lend*. Please, mention your visit to the Floriade at least 3 days in advance. (* as long as the stock lasts)

In case of your ticket number is not known yet, filling in a ‘x’ will be sufficient.

The mobility-aid Lending Centrum on the Floriade is open from 10:00 till 19:00. You can contact our Centrum by sending an E-mail to the following E-mail address: floriade@kerstenroermond.nl Please mention your question, name, address, residence and phone number clearly, than we will contact you as soon as possible.

An e-motion wheelchair is a wheelchair which is supported electrically through the wheels. (Comparable to an electric bicycle). The wheels of the wheelchair should be moved by hand in order to start the electrical support.  

Please note: To reserve a scooter experience is required. This means, that you should not reserve a scooter if you have no experience with managing a scooter.  

(Costs will be charged for a reservation of five mobility-aids or more).

Reserve your assistive device

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